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The Docents' Association of the University of Helsinki


The Docents' Association of the University of Helsinki is, as its name implies, an association established to strive to preserve the old and well-established docent1) system of University of Helsinki, to promote the position of docents in university teaching and research and strengthen the connections towards University of Helsinki management. The association recommends the use of a translation "Associate Professor" in international scientific co-operation. Associate professor depict best docent’s qualifications and expertise of Finnish docents and best corresponds to the docent’s position in the American university community. Translation is also commonly used in Sweden. 

Each year the association, in co-operation with the university chancellor, organizes in early April a celebratory reception (dosenttijuhla) for those, who have been awarded the title of docent in the previous year by University of Helsinki. The association annually selects the so called "Docent of the Year", who best represents best the merits and values of docents. The selection is announced at the celebratory reception, which also includes scientific presentation by the elected on the area of his or her own expertise.

The association is the largest member of the Finnish Union of Docents.